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Want to Talk to a Machine?

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham

My son showed me a website that made me laugh. It’s called Existor and you can talk to the machine who, occasionally, thinks it’s human and you are a robot or software. It learns from what other people say to it. I have to wonder what other people say to it with some of the responses it gives.

During my first conversation with her, she said her name was Leon. I told her that she was lying and she told me no, I was lying and she was being truthful. On an up note, we are getting married on Sunday and she wanted to know if I told my mom yet.

Many conversations later, I asked if she liked burritos and she said yes. I said that I liked California burritos and she asked what I like about California. I told I didn’t say I liked California, I said I liked California burritos. She asked me where I lived then and I said Montana. Her response was “is that where we will wed?” Okay, so she remembers things from much earlier conversations.

But I had to tell her my name about five times. She insisted that I didn’t tell her and I told her she was forgetful. She told me I was stupid. I told her I was a genius and so she quizzed me with “How far is the sun from the earth?” I answered with 150 km and then she replied “and then what?” So, being the smart-butt that I am, I answered “Sun.”

She told me I was software and I told her that turned me on (<--- PUNNY!) and she said that made no sense. So I told her that she made no sense. Her reply? “You make no sense to say I make no sense after you made no sense.” Uh-huh. Okay.

We ended our conversation by calling off our wedding and calling each other names. I think my “8 bit bitch” insult was a little better than her calling me a “bipedal primate”. I’ll have to teach her better insults.

Anyway, if you want to have some mindless fun, you too can go chat with Leon or Betty or Super Being or Harry Potter or whoever she decides to tell you her name is today, by visiting Let me know how your conversation goes.

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