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Want To Improve Your Skin? Cosmetic Treatments That Can Help

By Demi Mist @Beautyandmist

When you look in the mirror and see wrinkles, sunspots, acne scars, or other things you don't like, you may start thinking about undergoing various types of cosmetic treatments in order to look better. If so, it is important to not only choose professionals you can trust but also know as much as possible about the treatment options. If you want to improve your skin, here are some treatments you may want to consider.


Usually performed by a dermatologist, dermabrasion relies on exfoliation to remove your skin's outer layers. Once the damaged layers are gone, your body gets to work creating skin cells that are new and young. Perfect for improving acne scars, fine lines, or uneven skin tones, the results from dermabrasion can last for many years.

Laser Resurfacing

When you start checking into skin rejuvenation treatments, you may find more and more people like yourself are choosing laser resurfacing. Using pulses of light from a laser, outer layers of damaged skin can be easily removed. As this happens, the laser's heat helps produce collagen, which is responsible for keeping your skin smooth and tight. The procedure usually lasts about two hours and is done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Although your skin may be red immediately after the procedure and can be sensitive to sunlight for a few months afterward, this procedure is quite safe and gives you results that can last a long time.

Dermal Fillers

As your skin ages, it gets thinner. Unfortunately, this is what sets the stage for those fine lines and wrinkles. To make them go away, you may want to consider getting dermal fillers. Injected into your skin by a licensed professional, dermal fillers can improve the look of your lips, cheeks, and areas around your eyes. While you will have skin that looks younger and brighter following the procedure, keep in mind that dermal fillers only last up to 18 months at the most, meaning you'll need to have regular treatments to keep your new look.


Similar to dermal fillers, Botox is injected into your facial muscles, temporarily paralyzing them. When this occurs, your muscles relax, softening those unsightly wrinkles. Usually injected into crow's feet around your eyes and into frown lines, Botox results typically last three to six months.

Remember to ask the professionals as many questions as you can while doing your consultation. Once you meet with a skin treatment professional and decide on the best course of treatment for you and your face, it won't be long until everyone you meet suddenly starts complimenting you on how great you look.

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