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Want List #Home Edition

By Cariadity @cariadity
Want List #Home edition
My current shopping obsession has moved on from make up and clothes to home wares. I have a list of things I'd like to buy to personalise my little flat, make it more homely and give the place a bit of character.
I've stuck to a pretty neutral theme so far as I'm wary that we will eventually leave this place and everything we have here will need to suit a new flat too, I'm also pretty fickle so anything I invest in needs to see me through any changes of mind and style - I'm already bored of the reddish cushions we have and I've been fancying some bright floral ones instead oops.
I love the Camberwell Butterfly Lamp - £65 from John Lewis, its pretty and girly without being too much it would be the perfect height on top of my new(old) cupboard, can you tell I've been pinning lots of arrangement tutorials on pinterest.
The Zig Zag Multi Aperture Frame -£20 from Matalan would be perfect for showing off my favorite photos (mostly of me and the dogs). I love the look of lots of frames and pictures arranged on a wall but as we are renting I need an alternative that uses less nails in the wall and I think this would give me a similar look on a budget too.
Lucky Hearts - £6 from Next I know these have a dash of blue and my living room is red buuut I love them, I think they are so cute and happy! I've seen them in-store too and I cant stop thinking that they would make me very happy indeed, although I don't know about you but we don't actually have lots of places to hang little ornaments like this, where are they meant to go?
Finally something I'm saving up for, this Roberts Revival DAB Digital Radio - £159.99 John Lewis, Phil and I argue constantly about whose CD to play as I pretty much hate his music and he hates mine, we do however love the radio (its the only thing we can agree to listen to together) but we don't have a radio in the house so this is just for car journeys and the CD arguments start again as soon as we get in! Getting ourselves a DAB radio would make things a little more harmonious on the music front and wouldn't it be nice to turn the TV off on a Sunday afternoon and chill out (or more likely get some cleaning done) with a radio on instead.
The Roberts one is truly beautiful and would be a real talking point in the house, but I might just save up for one of the less pricey versions available -
What do you think of my Want List? Where do you get your lovely housewares from?
Cariad xx *this is a sponsored post, but all content and opinions are, as always, my own.

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