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Want a Paris Postman's Calendar?

By Sedulia @Sedulia

Actually in my case it is a postwoman. The calendars are sold by the French post office workers (facteurs) before Christmas and I have two of them, one with fish and one with bicycles. Would you like one? Email me your address and I'll send it. They're not at all like American calendars (which I import each year to Paris for my own use). The front and back are the calendar itself; each day has a saint's name. In the old days, you were pretty much restricted to using baby names from the saint's calendar or else traditionally attested; now you can name your kid just about anything, although the government can still go to court to make you change a name that is considered to be against the child's best interests. That's funny considering that some of the saint's names are themselves a bit odd, like Saturnin or Pélagie.


Bicycle calendar



Oceans calendar


On the inside, there are just a few pages of information, like this.




Let me know if you'd like one, and which one you'd prefer. Off it goes!

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