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Wallpaper Floral Wreath

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Wallpaper floral wreathWallpaper floral wreathphotography by Trisha Zemp 
I'm doing a monthly project for the Laura Ashley blog and this month I tried out their wallpaper on a spring wreath and I LOVE how it turned out. In fact, it's on my door right this very moment! I thought it was a lot of fun with real greenery as well. 
Wallpaper floral wreathWallpaper floral wreathMaterials: floral wallpaper (my favorites are Aviary, Geranium cranberry, honeysuckle trail), scissors, craft knife, cutting board, paintbrush, wire cutters, wire, glue gun
Step 1:  Form your wreath frame out of wire. I took two pieces of paper wrapped floral wire and wrapped them around to form a circle.
Step 2:  Cut out the florals from the wallpaper.
Step 3:  Shape the leaves if you so desire. You can shape it with a paintbrush by rolling it around the brush.
Step 4:  For additional shaping, cut into the leaf about ¼” and glue each side together to form a 3D leaf.
Step 5:  Start gluing your floral pieces onto the wire frame with a glue gun
Step 6:  To create a 3D effect, raise some of the pieces off the wreath and let others attach to the frame.
Step 7:  Continue around the circle.Wallpaper floral wreathTo add greenery:Once you have your paper wreath in place, glue gun some greenery to the sides of the circle on the back so that you can’t see the glue. It adds a nice, organic feel to the wreath.Experiment with a variety of shapes, sizes and fresh greenery.Wallpaper floral wreathWallpaper floral wreathWallpaper floral wreathWallpaper floral wreath

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