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Walkscore Now Rates Bike Friendly Cities; Guess Who is No. 1

Posted on the 23 May 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Walkscore Now Rates Bike Friendly Cities; Guess who is No. 1What is it about Minneapolis? A frozen tundra in winter, the Minnesota city has already somehow built a reputation as a bike friendly city. Walkscore, which has found success evaluating which are the best areas in terms of getting around on foot, recently turned its attention to rating the ease of 2 wheel locomotion as well. The site now has a Bike Score and has bestowed the #1 ranking for bike-ability to, you guessed it, Minneapolis (top ten listed below).

The scores are from 0-100 and “based on the availability of bike infrastructure (lanes and trails), the hilliness of the area, destinations and road connectivity, and the number of bike commuters.”

Bike Score is new, though, and hasn’t been implemented everywhere. They are expanding, so if your city isn’t currently listed, let them know you want it added.

Perhaps in a fitting show of how our cities and neighborhoods are not designed to biking, number one ranked Minneapolis doesn’t even get a B for its effort. The 79 score it has is the highest in the country.

Walkscore Now Rates Bike Friendly Cities; Guess who is No. 1

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