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Walk with Me….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


The long walk in the sand.. you can be alone at this time or with someone and still feel alone.. you are never alone.. for the sand you walk through has many of footprints some leading a different direction others leading to the ocean.  As you look out many things may seem apparent to you. How beautiful the sunrise or sunset is… This is the mood you are in as you feel as you look out an see nothing but waves and ripples.  These are not as violent as you see them to be.. some see this as beautiful yet when you look out at what you think is coming to you, you see a hurricane or typhoon.  You can make your outlook more beautiful just by seeing the beautiful that it is.

Every place of love inside you has always had that ability.  Love here doesn’t have an opposite or a good or bad as it were.  It has only the state of being that beautiful outlook you can have as you watch the ocean.  The ocean and it’s vast abilities to point inside you is as permanent as you allow it to stay.

After all you have this same very ocean inside you.  It has it’s waves that come out in your expressions and it’s deep peace which is inside your body flowing.  The waves are created from the thunderstorms of the mind. When I say mind I am not talking about your brain I am taking about the created egoic mind that is inside you that has all the places stored of something that see’s good or bad.  This wave machine is pluged in place that keeps you thinking about the identity of you.

Without this you can place inside that you are more. You have always been more. Even when you ask the mind, the mind will respond, it says yes but… and then silence.  Then whatever it is inside you feels the true channel of who you are. As though to tell the mind he was speaking to me not you. Your Soul’s Essence….

If you ever have been here if you ever have opened to this very place you will not just know it by what you read here but by how you view this moment of realization that says you have always been more.

You will glow from this as this is the state of being that we all aspire to go to, to stand before the source of all that it is to allow it to connect us as the mind has made very little action with less effort to make us feel we are not connected to it.

This is the bending of time and space. You neither see time as an enemy and now see the place of space and where you are within it. You are that space and you are all the universe created to blend it to make it more than it ever was.  This happens inside you the moment you make the choice to see the place you have made what concepts the mind has made and what concepts that you are in the creation of all that is.

I can only walk in the sand realizing that in this walk I go hand in hand with you as you read this to reach beyond you.  If you have this deep feeling in you that seems happy and blissful no matter what you are going though you are walking with me.

I send this to you as a reminder that what may be seen on that walk.. You are not walking on the sand you are now walking on air.  See… You have always been able to fly.. You just needed to be removed of the minded! Get it?

Love Deeply walk through the sand to realize you can hover over it as you can anything else.

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