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Wakarusa, Indiana: The Embalming Table

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker
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Wakarusa, Indiana: Yoder Brothers Mercantile Embalming Table in the Basement

Wakarusa, Indiana: Yoder Brothers Mercantile Embalming Table in the Basement

So many buildings in small Indiana towns across the state have a story–and in Wakarusa, Indiana, Yoder Brothers Mercantile has a most unusual history!

Now, I’ve seen some pretty unique things in my travels. But here in Wakarusa, Indiana it was the first time anyone said, “Hey! You want to see the embalming table in the basement?”

Beware the Basement

Once upon a time, there was once a mortuary in the basement of this building.

He said that it was there for many years until they, um, clogged up the pipes. Ew. So, they moved–and have been there ever since. But they left behind a table and the showers.

Here’s where that small Indiana town trust comes into play. I know this because we followed the owner down into one of the creepiest basements I have ever been in in my entire life–and that says a lot, too, because my basement is also the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Going Down

It was long and rather dark. Long forgotten items lined the walls. Old boxes, crates, pieces of wood.

The table was slightly illuminated by a bare bulb. A shallow gouge in the concrete on the floor led to the drain that long ago couldn’t keep up…this is little Indiana!

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Yoder Brothers Mercantile/Wakarusa Tribune
114 S. Elkhart Street
Wakarusa, Indiana

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