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Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook’s Pizza

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook's Pizza

Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook's Pizza

Wakarusa, Indiana is the home to a very popular pizza joint: Cook’s Pizza.

little Indiana heard that people come from miles around to enjoy this Wakarusa favorite. After our visit there? I believe it!

Cook’s Pizza in Wakarusa, Indiana

On the corner of the main street, Cook’s Pizza can’t be missed! This small Indiana town doesn’t have all that many corners in its super cute downtown.

It’s a small mom and pop restaurant. Large windows look out onto the bustling street. You can choose between a handful of tables or cozy counter seating.

Small as it is, there can also be a bit of a wait! My advice? Try to go during the “off” time or prepare to wait for awhile. Either way? It’s so worth it!

Inside Cook’s Pizza

Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook's Pizza Stromboli

Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook's Pizza Stromboli

Everyone knows everyone else and the conversation is non-stop.  Even folks milling around waiting for their to go order chit-chat with the tables.

The walls and shelving are full of local sports teams and other small town business. Nothing fancy, but that’s never mattered to little Indiana!

In fact, we’ve heard that several years ago a few local farmers were given a key so they could let themselves inside in the morning, make coffee, clean up, then lock up again. Only in a small town!

Cook’s Pizza Menu

Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook's Pizza Menu

Wakarusa, Indiana: Cook's Pizza Menu

How on earth could we decide? Pizza always sounds good to me! But when heard about their Stromboli Sandwiches? I was torn.

I ended up getting the Ham Stromboli. Hubs got the same thing but with Sausage.

These sandwiches? Works of art! I was just telling hubs last night that I was craving it. That would be the perfect midnight snack for sure.

Cook’s Pizza Delivers!

Just what you would expect from a small town: Friendly and Good. We’d love to go back and sample some more from the menu–if I can resist the call of the Stromboli!

Cook’s Pizza
101 South Elkhart Avenue
Wakarusa, Indiana 46573

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