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Waiting on the Weather

By Alternativeeden @markngaz
The weather at this time of year can get quite annoying at times! The days are getting longer and some days are fairly mild, enough to coax you into wanting to get stuck in to the garden. But it is still winter after all and the weather doesn't always allow you to get things done when you want to.

The pond project is nearing completion and with any luck we will finally have a weekend with good enough weather to fit the window. The last few weekends have been too cool to allow the sealant to set properly. Given that its taken quite a while so far there is no point in rushing and risk a leak at this vital stage.

Once we have the window fitted we can then finally get the pond filled and test the pipework for leaks. I'm pretty optimistic on that as the first test when the small water feature was filled caused no problems. Hopefully even though the filtration on the big pond has more connections etc there will also be no problems as well.

Waiting on the Weather

The small water feature has been up and running for a month now.

The new divide between the pond are and the future working/nursery area we mentioned that we built last weekend also needs painting. So if its dry hopefully we may get chance this weekend - again weather dependent, dry and mild weather would be lovely!
Waiting on the Weather

However this won't hold anything up if its not painted for a while, so if the weather doesn't look ideal it can wait.

The last of the chalk can still be seen beyond, along with a couple of garden tools we managed to kill off a number of tools during construction so may have to look for something sturdier such as these from Sam Turner. Some of the remaining spoil needs to be removed however a reasonable amount will be used to back fill between the filter house and where the greenhouse can be seen at the back. With any luck we can get back on this fairly soon and shift away what has to go.

That greenhouse you can see will be moving, as mentioned before I haven't yet decided whether to build a greenhouse to my own specification to fit the space beyond the screen or whether to use that and the greenhouse we bought from ebay a year or so back. If relocate the existing greenhouse it will move to just behind the screen rather than behind the koi house. Again the weather is key, we cant move the greenhouse until the weather is good enough to leave plants outside whilst we get thing ready!

So as I said earlier the weather can be quite frustrating, to be waiting to get the last job done before filling it up with water is difficult. But we know there will be a break in the weather soon, so as long as its dry we can get on with other things whilst waiting for the warmer spell to fit the window.

However whatever the weather we always manage to find things to do - partly as we both just enjoy being in the garden - so i'm sure this weekend will be a productive one regardless.

Gaz :-)

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