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W Post Shows LIfe After Trump, Senator Hawley Style

Posted on the 01 December 2020 by Morage @kebmebms

 Yes, the Washington Post today has a great, if hard-hitting, brutally honest article about our own, Missouri's own Senator Josh Hawley. I love it's honesty. The truth in it is unfortunate, very unfortunate.

W Post Shows LIfe After Trump, Senator Hawley Style

Josh Hawley shows what GOP politics after Trump will look like

This is the part that seems most true to me of it all.
Anti-elite resentment deployed in the service of the elite.
A bit from the article.

What does the GOP base want? That question is of paramount importance to the ambitious Republican who would become the party’s champion in 2024.
The emerging consensus is that the way to win that base’s affections is by channeling and encouraging their resentments, much in the way President Trump did.

Pulling this off won’t be easy for more conventional politicians. Many will try; the slate of potential candidates is long and growing. But if you want to understand how Republicans see their own voters, you can’t do much better than to watch Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri and his performative populism.

It’s performative because while it’s vivid and dramatic, it has almost no policy content. Hawley doesn’t actually want to do much of anything that might hurt the interests of the wealthy and boost the fortunes of ordinary people; what he wants instead is to encourage seething resentment of the “elite” that he can ride to greater political fortune, a new culture war for the post-Trump era.

What isn't insulting about Senator Hawley's approach---and divisive, polarizing us all--is frightening. It'sn no way to lead, it's no way to pull and keep us all together, as one, as Americans. 
I can't recommend the article enough.

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