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VUW 286, 296, 346, 376 Ecotec Plus Condensing Combi

By Futli @futlim
VUW 286, 296, 346, 376 Ecotec Plus Condensing Combi

VUW 286, 296, 346, 376 Ecotec Plus Condensing Combi


Small volume, high efficiency, environmentally friendly energy efficiency class A, modulated structure can adjust itself to suit the changing conditions of comfort, good fuel economy.

Vaillant, produced since 1874 with experience 24,30,37 29,34,37 kW kW heating power of hot water models are guaranteed for 2 years.

Technical Specifications;

* 109% up to a high yield (according to EN 677),
* Waste gas collector with integrated stainless steel condensing heat exchanger,
* 30% smaller than the volume of each place with the easy installation,
* With Automatic fan speed 28% – 100% extra savings with infinitely variable modulation,
* A class with the saving and environment-friendly use of energy-efficient elements,
* Modular turbolux connection with the possibility of an extra large hot water boiler with comfort,
* Blue light LCD display and system pressure with the help of the opportunity to see the set temperature values,
* Electronic control thanks to the constant pressure of the water pressure sensor of the neck, trouble-free and safe use,
* The ability to communicate with other devices with Smart EBUS feature,
* According to EN 13203′e the comfort of hot water. At a constant temperature bath, and plenty of pleasure,
* Water pressure sensor and an early warning, fault-free and safe to use.



Device Model Capacity kcal/h Cash Price (Euro)

ecoTEC VUW 286 Wall Mounted Condensing Combi 20.000 Heating 24.000 Hot Water 1.051 £

ecoTEC VUW 296 Wall Mounted Condensing Combi 20.000 Heating 25.000 Hot Water 1.187 £

ecoTEC VUW 346 Wall Mounted Condensing Combi 26.000 Heating 29.000 Hot Water 1.648 £

ecoTEC VUW 376 Wall Mounted Condensing Combi 32.000 Heating32.000 Hot Water 2.001 £

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