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Voter Fraud Fact Vs Voter Fraud Lies

Posted on the 10 February 2013 by Doggone
There is a pattern where there are problems with early voting or absentee voting, people are concerned that their votes are either not received properly or not recorded.  So in some cases, out of fear or right wing vote rigging and election tampering.  We saw that for example where voter registrations of Democrats were thrown in the garbage. We saw that where people were directed to the wrong polling places, or given deliberate misinformation about their absentee ballots. We saw that where Republican operatives mis-identified themselves as working for the governmental body that handled voting and registration when they had no official status.
And of course we saw Republican Secretaries of State contrive to cause long lines for voters in minority districts or Democratic leaning districts that were not experienced by predominantly White Republican Districts.
So showing up to a polling place to cast a provisional ballot, which is NOT counted if it is not a legitimate ballot, means they were checking to see if their vote was recorded, because recorded voters are marked on the voting rolls. That is not the same thing as trying to vote twice, or trying to vote fraudulently, which would require intent, and usually would require some evidence that they were for example trying to vote in more than one place.  That would not be the case if they showed up where their names were noted as having voted absentee; that is what you would expect to find if these votes showed up in the CORRECT polling jurisdiction where they cast their absentee ballot.  They would also have been turned away if they had explained to the election judge that they had already cast a ballot but did not know if it was received or not -- in other words if they were unsure their absentee ballot vote had been properly completed, analogous to requesting a replacement for a spoiled ballot rather than being a fraudulent additional vote.  That the system worked is evidence that voter ID is NOT required, not proof that there is significant voter fraud.
Voter Fraud Fact vs Voter Fraud Lies

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