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Volume 1 of the People’s Book Project

Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Andrewgavinmarshall @A_G_Marshall

So there is a lot to cover, and a great deal I have already written, which is in need of editing and formatting properly within this volume. In order to continue with this work, I need your help, support, social networking skills, and donations in order to get the job finished and get this volume done and out as soon as possible!

Being an independent researcher and writer means having to ask for money a lot, which I am no fan of to be honest. But here I am, asking, all the same. It also means that I need to produce articles for publication in order to keep up traffic to my sites and generate readership which can, in turn, possibly donate or contribute to the Project. The unfortunate aspect of this is that it requires me to spend a good deal of time writing articles for posting online, time that is not used, then, for writing the actual book. This tends to delay the process. So I will attempt to focus on posting little excerpts instead of original content in the hopes of speeding up the process.

Again, thank you for all of your constant support, and if at all possible, please consider making a donation to The People’s Book Project!


Andrew Gavin Marshall

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