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VLCC DNA Slim – A Scientific Weight Loss Program Based on Your DNA!

Posted on the 23 March 2017 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312
VLCC DNA Slim – A scientific weight loss program based on your DNA!

..agreed! A person's true beauty and grace is what resides within them. God has made all of us unique and special in our own ways. Individuality is something we all must respect and encourage, shouldn't we?

Studies say that more than 7 billion of humans inhabit this beautiful planet and despite the fact that we all inhale the same air and open our eyes to the same sun, the one most unique thing in us is our DNA. Our DNA lays the foundation of our body's functioning. DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) is a chemical molecule present in all our cells and is responsible for directing body functions and structure. Isn't that interesting?

The research was conducted by some international agencies and VLCC has introduced it as a part of slimming program, brought forward as VLCC DNA Slim- a paradigm shift in weight management. DNA Slim program is the very latest technique, based on our DNA analysis, which helps us customize our weight loss program with a far greater accuracy than was ever possible before. This technique brings in laser sharp focus while designing a diet & exercise regime which is best suited for us based on our genetic profile. This results in helping us lose weight up to 2-3 times faster. Isn't that spectacular?

VLCC DNA Slim – A scientific weight loss program based on your DNA!

How was VLCC DNA Slim conceptualized?

Awesome! Who can try out DNA Slim?

DNA screening is recommended for all ages. This is a once in a lifetime test, as the gene variations screened will never change throughout our lifetime, WOW!

That's incredible! So what does one need to undergo for the DNA Slim Examination?

A simple cheek swab is all that is required for DNA based genetic screening. This is a non invasive test and is neither a blood nor urine test.

Cool! So what will DNA Slim help one discover?

- The most suitable diet for weight loss - Low Fat / Low Carbohydrate / Balanced Diet

- Our need for exercise in terms of type, intensity, time duration and body's response to specific

- Predisposition to lifestyle disorders

That's pretty impressive! Any benefits?

VLCC experts will use cutting edge technology to create a DNA based personalized diet & exercise regime, which will help in adapting and responding to the weight loss program much faster and maintaining it thereafter based on our weight regain potential.

Perfect! VLCC opines that DNA based weight loss gives 2-3 times better results, any take on that?

Research conducted at the world-renowned Stanford University, USA, has shown that we can lose 2-3 times more weight with a DNA matched diet compared to a traditional diet. The study involved 101 women. Women who participated in the study were assigned to four different diets over a one year period. Subsequently, a DNA analysis was conducted and the women were divided into groups according to genotype. The study found that those on a diet which matched their genotype lost 2-3 times more weight over 12 months compared to others.

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Isn't that brilliant and quite interesting? Do you plan to take the DNA Slim technique proposed by VLCC? Share your opinions, thoughts and views in the comment section.

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