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Vitamins for Life!

By Jeneille @jinjer25

Hey guys. Most of you who've been following my posts lately would see mention of me including various vitamins and supplements into my diet for various reasons: hair health, skin, diet, etc. Today's guest post comes from Nancy Parker who has shard with us the benefits of some vitamins and supplements. I hope you enjoy!

Vitamins and supplements are a huge market. People buy things in droves and self-medicate like crazy. But what vitamins do you really need, beyond your typical multi vitamin? What can help you? What do they do? What are they for? Well, here are three vitamins and supplements everyone should be taking to really stay in good health for life.
1.   Vitamin C – I can’t push this enough. This little pill gives you immunity out the yin-yang, and you cannot take too much of it. Any time you feel a cold coming on, pop a few of these. They’ll put your body in top gear and help you stay healthy longer. If you are already sick, they will help you get better faster. What’s not to love?
2.   Calcium and Magnesium – I love Dolomite. That’s the original combo of calcium and magnesium and, I think, the best.  Naturally balanced, these two do more than give you strong bones and teeth. They help calm your nerves and even reduce pain if taken in the proper dosage. Yes, you read that right. Simple calcium and magnesium does all that.
3.   Omegas 3 and 6 – For your heart, for your brain, for your skin; fish oil does it all. That’s the way most people take Omega 3 and 6, and it does wonders for your long-term health. Don’t expect any instant results with this, but you will see things over the course of a month or two. Your hair is shiner, your skin softer, your thoughts clearer and your heart running smoothly. Talk about a multi-tasker. 
There are many more vitamins and supplements out there. Depending on your health needs and concerns, they might work even better for you then these. However, these three are the basics to take on top of your daily multi-vitamin. Try them out and see if your results don’t more than make up for the cost of a few bottles.
Author BioNancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, nanny background check tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @

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