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Virgin Questions

By Loulubell @whyimsigleloulu

It's a tough world to be a virgin in these days, especially if no one's ever seen you naked. This is the daily struggle that gobulls2626 is dealing with in his life. But as most turtleneck wearing virgins know, persistence is the key. This is the instant message that I had with gobulls2626:
gobulls2626: Let’s hear some fuck requests. Me: Calm down g2626: I need a laugh. Plus, I can take notes on how to make my own. Me: Never send a girl a fuck request. g2626: I was being sarcastic haha. I am a virgin. Me: Awesomeg2626: True, true. I have to get head. No girl has even seen me naked. Clean as a whistle. I would love sex, head, or a girl to see me naked haha Me: I'm sure you'll accomplish that g2626: haha but when? Me: When you make it happen. Wine and dine a girl that you’re truly interested in, and in a few months things might happen. g2626: ah ok.  Do you think you can see me naked sometime and tell me if I have a good body? Me: I don’t think I should be the judge of that. g2626:I just want your opinion if that is ok.  It’s ok to say no lol Me: Honestly, not to sound cliché, but you have to be ok with yourself.  Girls don’t harp on how a guy looks as much as guys do with girls.  If you like the way you look then it won't matter to a girl. You’re focusing on the wrong things. g2626: I like the way I look, I just want a girl to see me naked. Me: Truthfully, I don’t want to see your penis if that’s what you’re asking. g2626: It would be my whole body, but it’s fine. g2626: So do you want to see me naked? Me: Why are you so intent on this? Is it that big of a deal to you?g2626: I guess and I am bored. Me: You're trying to hard, in due time all of your dreams will come true. g2626: Just see me naked Me: Calm down killer g2626: Who knows, you might like me naked too Me: Not as much as you'd probably think. g2626: I can tryMe: I doubt it.
I never saw gobulls2626 naked body Although I'm sure when that day comes,when a girl finally makes all of his dreams come true, it will be the most thrilling experience for him. I just hope for the sake of gobulls2626, he doesn't ask her if she wants to see him naked first. 

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