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The Six Qualities

By Loulubell @whyimsigleloulu
When looking for the right person on an online dating site, most people have certain qualities that they look for. Humor, respect, communication, or commitment may be some attributes that people may consider. However, stronggrcoffee had a different set of qualities when looking for a lady. Compelling me to ask more probing questions. The following is the message stronggrcoffee and myself shared:
stronggrcoffee: According to your profile
You have all your limbs attached
You speak english
You are the same astrogical symbol as me
You arent into Star Wars
These are 4 of the 6 things i look for in a girl so i propose we go on a date to discuss possible mating
Please respond within 3 business days or I will commence eating my weight in ice cream 

Me: After much deliberation, I decided that it wouldn't be fair for you to eat your weight in ice cream. I'd want some of that ice cream too. 
And, out of curiosity, what are the other 2 things you look for in a girl?

stronggrcoffee: How flattering of you to ask that. Come enjoy the view of the melted snow, we can flirt drink nestle hot cocoa admire the view and flirt.  
I never messaged stronggrcoffee back to flirt and admire the view, so I guess I'll never know what the other two things that he was looking for. Hopefully, one day, he'll be able to find a girl with all six qualities. Better luck next time.

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