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Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada Heels

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada heelsVintage silk dress (1950's?) and pettiskirt, DIY clutch, and Escada heelsI bought this 100% silk vintage dress at a furniture store. I found it hanging in a 1970's armorer. No tag, simply hanging in the corner, like it had been completely forgotten. It's hand-sewn, and fits me like a glove!  The lady in the store gave it to me for $20!
While I absolutely love this dress, I was beginning to think that I was going to have to sell it. The dress is as light as air: just the slightest hint of wind, and I pull a Marylin Monroe. I found it so frustrating to only feel 50% comfortable. But then, when I found my pettiskirts, I knew my problem was solved. The addition of the skirt actually enhances the dress!
Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada heels
Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada heels
Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada heels
Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada heels
Have you seen the About Me page recently? It's been updated with a few frequently asked questions, with my answers. I also thought that it would be fun if the commenting was open on the page, that way if any readers have other questions, I'll be able to answer them there!
And this comment was just too cute (from my last post)
Vintage Dress with Fushia Escada heelsHi Bessie! Yes, a photo in Chanel! We got quite the glares from the security guards, AND the camera flash went off, but alas, they didn't kick us out. Whew! While I really really would have been beyond excited to bring home a Chanel purse that day (or any day, really!), I didn't. Someday though! Someday...
PhotobucketPS A big warm welcome to my newest readers, The Ginger Goddess (new blogger!), Megan and Leroy. Thank you so much for becoming readers of Amber's Mouthwash! It really means a lot to me. Honestly. Thank you!

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