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Villa Catur Kembar Opinion and Painted Murals Painted Wallpaper Vs Paper

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Villa Catur Kembar opinion and painted murals painted wallpaper vs PaperCatur Kembar Villa is an extremely Balinese language "like 4 'refined. In the compound, there are a total of 4 products by Catur Kembar Villa with two or three bedrooms. Each villa is identical, a house with two floors on a plot of 300 m2 to 250 m2, lower house has spacious rooms with air conditioning swamps, reaching more bedroom has a dressing room. on the top floor is a small room, with air conditioning, which can be used as a third bedroom or office.

Catur Kembar Villas is in a good location near the surface of the elegant restaurant in Seminyak off Jl. Oberoi, this villa is over 2000 m² of private land and each villa includes two ranges of 350 sqm each.
While all sides of a retail store offers dynamic economy within walking distance, places to eat and the beach (including Kudeta), which is only 5 km from Kuta and 10 km from the international airport.


Plenty Villa with 4 bedrooms, two en suite 2 or three, which mainly includes a dining area, kitchen with utensils, large recreation area with pool tables, a pool, personal TV fully equipped / AV and Internet .

The device follows the classic structure of origin Bali terracotta, marble and wood slats ancient sculptures from around the world.

Features and Services

* Fully equipped villas reflects the classic and simple design that is characteristic of Catur Kembar
* Air conditioning with a specific individual temperature control in each room
* Ceiling fans throughout
* Electronic safe in the room
* Web Access
* TV / Video / Radio
* Kitchen with refrigerator, stove, toaster, kettle, microwave, cooking utensils, dishes, glasses and cutlery
* Direct phone
* Fleet (1 autoranging)
* Easy access to savings Bali Deli Grocery, a medical center, a financial institution, and costs


15 minutes from Sea Seminyak
5 minute walk to restaurants and shops
20 minutes drive from the airport

No rooms

A villa: three bedrooms
Villa Two: 2 bedrooms
Villa three: three bedrooms
Villa four: three bedrooms

Villa Catur Kembar
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Villa Catur Kembar review

Villa Catur Kembar opinion and painted murals painted wallpaper vs PaperCatur Kembar Villa is extremely refined Balinese language "four equivalent". In the compound, there are a total of 4 products by Catur Kembar Villa with two or three bedrooms. Each villa is similar to a residential building on one level on a plot of 300 m2 with 250 m2 of living space has spacious rooms with bathroom, master bedroom has a dressing room. On the top floor is a small room with air conditioning, which can be used as a third bedroom or office.

Villa Catur Kembar

Villa Catur Kembar were designed to make the most of the tropical climate equivalent to the living room, dining room, upper terrace and kitchen are open style residence local social areas. The device follows the traditional structure of Bali by tile, marble and wood carvings, local time.

For the avid golfer, just 25 minutes drive from the world famend Nirwana Golf & Country Club. Ranked among the top 5 golf programs in Asia, this course, which was designed by Greg Norman, is both sophisticated and unique. It has 4 holes next to the Indian Ocean and is known for its signature par 3, the exit to the temple of Tanah Lot known.

Catur Kembar Villa is the right place to calm down and enjoy Bali in your personal residence of two individual stages. All this hidden in a traditional setting, a few minutes walk from the action.

There are many ways to improve the look of a room. You can put on furniture, accessories, different levels of lighting, and paint the walls with beautiful colors. Speaking of the walls are given several options if you want to improve your room or your kitchen walls. Two of the best known techniques are murals and wallpaper.
Although these two design styles are popular because of their versatility, which are different in many ways. You might be wondering which one to choose, because both are equally beautiful, easy to install and can be removed. If you can not decide which one to choose, let the comparative summary illuminate.
Screen background pros and cons

wallpaper murals are manifold. It can be used in a variety of different surfaces, such as gypsum, and drywall. There are also many online retailers that carry different brands, all. With a lot of designs, shapes, colors and textures can be mixed to create even a personal look at the room.

painted murals pros and cons

The biggest drawback is that it is glued wallpaper to install, it would be much trouble to remove them. If you want to have your walls painted or redesigned, the task requires much effort.
wallpaper murals are prone to cracking and peeling. They are not ideal for use in the bathroom and in the premises where it was because the adhesive tearing off due to too much moisture.

Murals can be very expensive, because you have to hire a professional to work for you if you do the work yourself. However, it is not so limit wallpaper. You can choose any design you want, you can let your imagination fly.
Murals can be a great testimony of individuality. You can turn the walls of the room in her bedroom a huge pool with a single color and images. You can experience a beautiful garden theme for a relaxing feeling for your stay in the paint. The possibilities are endless with murals.
Except too expensive, a mural takes work. Remember that traditional painting is not his job, because to create life-size images, so it is not an ideal DIY project, unless it is in color or if you spend tons of money on the materials and the artist work on the project.

If you are not financially able to have painted a mural for you, and put aside for the disadvantages of wallpaper, there are other options that can take care of sight. For example, are you aware that decorate their walls allows the heat transfer wall rub. Another option is that the stickers, the popularity gradually wins. bumper stickers are like to install on the walls.
If your home to remodel, you should start with the walls, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with murals.

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