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Viewing Things As Opportunities Rather Than Chores

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Hey y'all! Notice anything NEW around here? That's right...I got a brand new look thanks to the talented Aubrey :) It's PERFECT and encompasses everything that I want LLT to be: organized, crisp, and pretty. I was craving a new look because I MISS lifestyle blogging so much! It fills a creative gap in my heart that nothing else seems to fill. I'm planning on posting every Tuesday and Thursday so make sure that you're subscribed via Bloglovin or RSS so that you don't miss any new posts!
ANYWAY, I have my LAST final today at 10:30 and then I am FREE...well free for a week before summer classes begin, ha! I've been spending QUITE a bit of my time over the last few weeks devoted to studying and preparing for finals. This has also left me tempted to whine/complain about studying causing me to miss out on other things.
Viewing Things As Opportunities Rather Than Chores
I was sitting at my desk earlier this week feeling a little crazy - papers scattered all around me, empty sources of caffeine littering the ground below me. "This sucks. I don't get to go do ______________, because I'm stuck here studying for a stupid test."
WHOA. Stop the train. Back up a little bit.
What a selfish mentality. Once that thought crossed my mind, I started thinking of other things that cause people to complain:
  • Working out
  • Eating healthy
  • Cleaning the house
  • Taking the dogs out
  • Getting your car serviced
  • Not being able to find a close parking spot
And sadly, the list goes on and on.
Why are we complaining about things that we should view as opportunities?! I realized that so many people around the world don't have the chance to go to school at all and here I am studying for my SECOND bachelor's degree (with plans to go on to get my master's) crying about it. UM BUCK UP, JESSICA. 
Time for a mentality shift - I am grateful that I am able to go back to school. I am grateful that I get to (not have to) study. Now it's your turn. Pick something that you find yourself complaining about. Now say, "I am grateful that I have the opportunity to _________________." Sounds a lot less crappy when you shift your mentality a little bit, doesn't it?
For those of you who don't know, I'm a personal trainer. I used to do this with my clients...when they would whine about having to do burpees or whatever other exercise I would tell them that they are lucky to have a healthy body that is able to exercise. They always came back with a look of epiphany on their faces, actually EAGER to do the burpees. 
Shifting your mentality and viewing things as opportunities rather than chores is a game changer. Not only will you be more appreciative of your life, you will have a better attitude day to day, which will probably rub off on others. So instead of viewing something as a chore, view it as an opportunity. Be grateful. Spread joy. Be your best you.
xo, Jess

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