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VIDEO: The Best Puppy Surprise Reactions!

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws

VIDEO: The Best Puppy Surprise Reactions!

Surprises do come in small packages | Haus Of Paws

Puppies are bundles of joy to have around. They can make us laugh, lift up your day and warm our hearts. This is the magic that dogs can bring us. Can you remember the first time you brought home your first dog? Many of us will never forget that moment. See how these unsuspecting new owners react when they are surprised with a new puppy!
The following videos feature some of the most heart-felt and dramatic moments in YouTube history when we see people from a wide range of ages reacting to getting a new puppy!
DRAMATIC VIDEO: A woman receives a new baby Pug from her boyfriend after tragically losing her 10 year-old Beagle from a heart-tumor. CAUTION: This watershed moment has brought tears to many viewers.
BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: A father surprises her daughter for her 18th birthday when he gets her the dog of her dreams: a King Charles Cavalier Puppy.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: On her 2-year anniversary, her boyfriend surprises her with a puppy that arrives late on plane. Awaking her at 1:30am in the morning, the doorbell rings with a special delivery by her boyfriend's parent and brings a special surprise in a box.

CHILDHOOD JOY UNBOXED: When an unsuspecting little girl name Maddy opens up a surprise brought by her parents, and emotional moment is revealed when a new puppy comes to light.

GRANDMA'S HAPPY CHRISTMAS: When grandma opens up her Christmas present she is overwhelmed with holiday joy when she sees her puppy surprise.

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