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Dogs Re-enact TV Series Dawson’s Creek

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws
Two Dachunds dressed in Wigs

Aurora portray’s Michelle William’s role as Jen on “Dachshund’s Creek” | Michael Immerman via YouTube

In the small coastal of town of Capeside, Massachusetts the story of four teens struggle through adolescence.  Finding each other and finding themselves. For those of you who are familiar with the show “Dawson’s Creek,” and fans of James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson  you will appreciate the recent revival of the television series portrayed by dogs! Watch four adorable Dachshunds named Gandalf, Winnie, Mocha and Aurora re-enact these performances in an unforgettable video titled “Dachund’s Creek” directed by Michael Immerman.

Golden Dachshund poses

Gandalf the Golden Dachshund portrays James Van Der Beek’s role as Dawson on “Dachshund’s Creek” | Michael Immerman via YouTube

Three Dachshunds dressed up on a dock

The cast of “Dachshund’s Creek” | Immerman via YouTube

Dachshund with wig on laddeer

Winnie the Dachshund portrays Katie Holme’s role as Joey on “Dachshund’s Creek” | Michael Immerman via YouTube

Dachshund wearing a shirt

Mocha the Dachshund plays Joshua Jackson’s role as Pacey on “Dachshund’s Creek” | Michael Immerman via YouTube

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