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Video: Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson Sets Off Hillary Clinton During Benghazi Hearing

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by Sensico @sensico

During today’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the Benghazi terror attacks, things became a little heated between tea party senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Hillary Clinton.  Sen. Johnson asked a series of conspiracy theory-related questions about the attack in Benghazi.   Mainly about why we didn’t know immediately about the who made the attack on the consulate right after it happened…while there was still chaos happening.  Seems pretty unreasonable to me.  His questioning was centered along the republican attacks during the 2012 election when Ambassador Rice, who was filling in for Hillary Clinton who couldn’t make the talk show appointments at the time, she read supposedly inaccurate talking points given to her.  Ambassador Rice unfairly took the blame because of republican attacks on her instead of the people who gave her the talking points.

Sen. Johnson obviously has Tea Party written all over his bank account statement.  His language was extremely unprofessional and in true conspiracy theorist fashion.  Multiple times he suggested that Ambassador Rice and the administration “purposefully” lied about the attacks.  At another point he said, wouldn’t a “simple phone call” to the evacuees had given us the information of who did the attacks, which eventually led to the scolding by Secretary Clinton.

Not only did Secretary Clinton handle herself beautifully and defended how she handled the consulate attacks, but she also schooled Sen. Johnson.  Clearly Sen. Johnson needs to find another committee to be on until he learns a bit more about government procedures.  I’m sure as a tea party member, he’ll be better suited to stick to trying to deminish women’s rights and gay marriage….foreign relations….not so much.

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