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Let’s Be Real, The GOP Wanted The Sequester To Happen

Posted on the 02 March 2013 by Sensico @sensico

The sequester was pushed by the republican party in 2011 during the debt ceiling battle in which the GOP took the country hostage and demanded that there be a series of harsh spending cuts.  These spending cuts effected everything from defense, education, research and development, and infrastructure.  Because the sequester is not liked by the majority of Americans, the GOP is claiming it’s the “President’s Sequester”.  A phrase I’ve heard over and over again on CSPAN during the republican’s response to no deal being reached. They think by associating the sequester with the President that it’ll hurt his ratings with the American people.  Unfortunately for them, we are all too well familiar with republican obstructionism and the fact that they would love to see President Obama fail.  I’m not sure what makes them think that we will not notice it now….but no harm in trying right?  Here’s the republican’s response and President Obama’s response to the sequester released today,

I’m certainly not happy with the way both sides handled this issue, but if the sequester lasts too long because the republican party failed to compromise, American’s aren’t going to solely blame Pres. Obama.  Additionally, I think it’s smart to say that the GOP needs to be focusing on issues that will help boost their party image.  We should be focusing on immigration reform, real tax reform, and creating jobs.  Because of GOP obstructionism, infrastructure reductions will mean, less construction jobs, a field historically dominated by Hispanics. There are so many sectors of the population that will be hurt and once again because the GOP wanted to protect the top 1% of wealthy Americans, the rest of the country is currently being held hostage til they get their way.  Here’s a great video created by Think Progress,

Republicans could care less about the working poor.  Just let them starve while the income disparity widens.  People won’t forget this. First, hold the country hostage during the debt ceiling debates, and the outcome being the sequester.  Second, prolong the fiscal cliff negotiations and the outcome being delayed tax refunds that disproportionally hit middle-low income tax filers.  Now, obstruct negotiations initiate the sequester and the outcome once again hurting the middle and low income people.  Great way to kick people while they’re down.

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