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Video Round Up

Posted on the 08 July 2014 by Scottishfiction @scotfiction984
Video Round Up
Steeeeeeeep right up and look at what we have here!  Some of the finest visual delights from the Scottish music community released over the past few weeks!  And you my friend are in luck, as today, they are all yours to watch!
There's been a spate of cracking music videos released over the recent month, and whilst we don't focus on music videos as much as we should do here at Scottish Fiction, these ones have been playing repeatedly in my house, by virtue of which they are worthy of sharing.  Check 'em out!

Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters - Another Dawn

The second single to be taken from Common Records duo Andrew Pearson and LLTM's forthcoming collab album Everything We Miss  comes with a fantastic videoUnlike Juan Antonio,  this track features Andrew Pearson on lead vocals and... eh... lead dance moves?  If you though choreographed dance routines were the sole property of manufactured pop bands, well think again. 

Randolph's Leap - I Can't Dance To This Music Anymore

Gearing up for one of Lost Map's very special postcard releases, Randolph's Leap have giving the ol' video treatment to I Can't Dance To This Music Anymore,  the last track on their album Clumsy Knot,  which was released earlier this year.  A joyous folk-pop song about self discovery, nightclubs and bizarre railway station names, the video tracks lead singer Adam Ross from Glasgow all the way up to Glenfinnan.
Poor Things - Yes

By virtue of its name Yes  this single already sounds positive before a note is played.  Once that triangle button is pressed, that feeling is multiplied a fuckton.  The video is a good look into the frenzied minds of the band; colourful, full of dancing, random, and a shit load of fun.  I'm told on good authority that this is actually what commercials are like in the old Soviet block.

Kick To Kill - Dreams

A smokey, reverb drenched exercise in gloomy post-punk rock, Dreams  by Kick To Kill broads with elements of Joy Division and Interpol mixed in.  The video for their latest single massages those tendencies, and is truly a weirdly dark offering. 
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