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Scottish Fiction Radio Show - 17th September 2015

Posted on the 20 September 2015 by Scottishfiction @scotfiction984
Scottish Fiction Radio Show - 17th September 2015
In session this week was the delightful Be Charlotte.  With her inventive use of production and spoken word, Charlotte is one of the most exciting prospects currently honing her craft in Scotland at the moment.  We got to chatting about influences, observational lyrics, transitioning to a live stage, and how she is working with the brains of Hector Bizerk to push things forward.
And of course as ever the rest of the show is packed with the best new music from Scotland including The Bellybuttons, Smash Williams, Tuff Love, Cherri Fosphate and oh so much more. 
Tongues. - You Never Knew Me
Cherri Fosphate - Auf Wiedersehen
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - This Dark Desire
Be Charlotte - Too Late (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)
M^tch - Swimming in a Games Console
Eyes of Others - Dysfunctional
Be Charlotte - Don't Let It Break (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)
Paolo Nutini - Candy - As chosen by Be Charlotte
PLAYLIST - Tuff Love - Duke
PLAYLIST - WOMPS - Live a Little Less
PLAYLIST - Forever - Loose
PLAYLIST - HQFU - Dust & Dirt
Be Charlotte - Discover (Live in Pulse 98.4 Studio)
Blue Lemonade - Leaf Swisher
The Bellybuttons - Play!
Supermoon - Oh, Supermoon
Smash Williams - A Splash Of Colour
Tijuana Bibles - Ghost Dance
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