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Video Reveals Bizarre Deep-Sea Oarfish

By Gerard @presurfer
Video Reveals Bizarre Deep-Sea Oarfish
Behold the oarfish, a bizarre beast that lives in the deep ocean. Due to its remote home, little is known about the fish, whose dorsal fins delicately undulate as it glides about the deep. Much of what we know about the creature comes from specimens that have washed ashore. The oarfish is thought to be the world's longest bony fish. Oarfish have been reliably measured reaching up to 26 feet (8 meters) in length.
One video, taken by a remotely operated vehicle in August 2011, is the longest, best-quality video captured to date. The footage, as well as four other videos of the animal and details about what they've taught scientists, was published online June 5 in the Journal of Fish Biology.
(thanks Miss Rare)

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