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VIDEO: Orange-Scented Chocolate Mousse w/Berries

By Comowater @Como_Water

chocolate mousse como waterOrange-Scented Chocolate Mousse w/Berries

Remember that whipped coconut milk you made after watching the last video short? Remember you were wondering what to do with the extra? Well, I have a remedy for you my friends. In this video basic, you’ll learn how to make vegan orange-scented chocolate mousse. And after you’ve made it, you can either eat it straight up (like in the video) or put it in a tart shell like I did for my birthday a couple years back (post is here). Either way, you’ll want to top it with whipped coconut milk and you’ll want to savor it. Oh, and why yes, this IS a basic class… this mousse is anything but difficult. You basically add all of the ingredients to a blender and yes, you guessed it, blend. Enjoy!!!


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