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VIDEO: Lemon Chile Grits Cakes

By Comowater @Como_Water

lemon chile grits cakes como water VIDEO: Lemon Chile Grits Cakes

It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s the weekend.

It’s about 11am. You’ve slept in. Coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) is steaming from your mug. You’re contemplating

Should you go out for brunch or should you make a Como Water recipe for brunch? You almost giggle to yourself. OF COURSE, you should make a Como Water recipe for brunch! Tofu scramble? Nope, made that yesterday. Pancakes? Nope, made those last month. Lemon Chile Grits Cakes? Ahhhhhhh, yes. Now, you’re thinking.

You make the grits. Wow, these are the most flavorful, aromatic, tantalizingly amazing grits you’ve ever had. And then you realize that the taste explosion has just begun. You let the grits firm up in the fridge and turn them into grits cakes.

You take a bite, sink down into your chair and sigh with culinary glee.

You, my friend, have entered a whole new realm of yum.


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