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Video: In Which My Husband I Are Silly

By Nesheaholic @nesheaholic
Video: In which my husband I are sillyEllen playing Heads Up! on her show. photo credit
I think my husband and I are pretty strange. Not in a bad way, but in a "I predict we're sillier than many couples" sort of way. Perhaps this is an ill assumption since I don't actually SEE other couples when they are alone, but suffice it to say, my husband and I are silly. We laugh a lot at home and play lots of games. Our recent obsession is an iPad/iPhone game called Heads Up! It's a party game that involves one person holding an iPad or iPhone to their forehead while others try to indicate through gesture, words, humming, etc.  what is displayed on the screen for the person to guess. It's pretty much a high-tech version of charades. There is a multitude of categories: animals, celebrities, songs, etc. You can change the "card" or pass by tilting your head forth or back. What makes it cooler than just having cards like charades or Taboo is that it RECORDS the person giving the clues. 

Our videos from the game were cracking me up so much I decided to compile some for you to laugh to: 

I received no compensation for this post or sharing video of my husband and I looking silly. I wrote this post on my own accord. 

What silly things do you and your significant other get into when you're alone?
Video: In which my husband I are silly

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