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Victories of the Rosary

By Eowyn @DrEowyn


The incidents described below are from the book “The Fundamentals of Our Faith” as explained by The Blessed Virgin Mary to Mary Ann Van Hoof, pages 112-114. (Please continue to pray that our current resident of the White House and his followers convert to Christianity and govern according to God’s will.)

Murret, France, 1213: After the success of the Christian Army, and in gratitude for the Victory, the first Chapel of the Rosary was built here.

Lepanto, Italy, 1571: One of the greatest victories through the Rosary, was the battle of Lepanto. The Mohammedans, who threatened to overrun Christian Europe, were defeated. September 17, 1569, Pope Pius V, asked that all Christendom, recite the Rosary, have forty hours devotions and public processions. On October 7, he spent the entire night in prayer. The Venetian Senate wrote to the other States which had taken part in the Crusade: “It was not generals nor battalions nor arms that brought us victory; but it was Our Lady of the Rosary.”

War of 1812: At New Orleans, in spite of the fact that our troops were hopelessly outnumbered, 6,000 against 15,000 British, we were victorious. General Jackson publicly acknowledged this great favor and personally thanked the nuns, women, and children who had spent the previous night in a vigil of prayer, praying the Rosary over and over again, before a shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Help in the Ursuline convent.

Austria Saved From Communism: Historians still wonder how, on May 13, 1955 Soviet Russia agreed to the independence of Austria, and shortly after removed its troops.

In a letter written by Father Petrus Pavlicek, O.F.M. and published in the October 13, 1955 VOX DA FATIMA the full credit is given to Our Lady of Fatima and the recitation of the Rosary by thousands of Austrians. Over 700,000 of the 7,000,000 people of Austria, or 10% of the population, pledged themselves to pray the daily Rosary in compliance with Our Lady’s requests at Fatima.

One of the last public statements which the famous stigmatist, Therese Neumann, made before her death on September 18, 1962, was an affirmation of the belief of Father Petrus, that Austria was saved through the Rosary.

Brazil, 1964: At this time the Communists apparently had all things ready for a complete takeover. One thing overlooked was the power of women and the Rosary. It was the determined and valiant women of Brazil who rallied behind Our Lady of the Rosary to prevent a Red takeover. One leader of the counter-revolution stated that, “Without the women we could never have halted Brazil’s plunge toward communism…”

The first to take action against Goulart were the women of San Paulo. In six days they arranged a demonstration, called the “March of the Family With God Toward Freedom”, in which 600,000 strong marched through the broad thoroughfares of downtown San Paulo praying the Rosary and singing Religious hymns for three hours. This demonstration touched off many other religious rallies throughout the country.

It is small wonder then that the civil and military chiefs of the liberators were almost unanimous in attributing the victory to the special intervention of the Blessed Virgin, through the fervent use of Her Rosary. The whole Brazilian Episcopate in its collective declaration of June 3, 1964 expressly confirmed it. Cardinal Camara summarized well the general attitude of the Brazilians when he said in his April 2 talk: “The Rosary enkindles the valor of the soldiers.”

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