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Vevay, Indiana: Roxano’s Restaurant

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Vevay, Indiana: Roxanos Restaurant

Vevay, Indiana: Roxanos Restaurant

Vevay, Indiana and Roxano’s Restaurant catches our eye.

little Indiana must have an internal homing beacon related to pizza. No matter where I am, if there’s good pizza, like Roxano’s Restaurant in Vevay? I will find it!

Roxano’s Restaurant in Vevay, Indiana

The Swiss Wine Festival was still going on yet Roxano’s Restaurant was hopping! Now that is the sign of a great place to eat.

Spacious though the seating was, they were really busy. So, we elected to get our order to go and head to the Courthouse lawn just down the street.

We thought the kids might enjoy a chance to run around. We needed a chance to chit chat without interruption, too. There will be more on the exceptional Courthouse in Vevay, but for now? Let’s get back to the grub!

Indiana Pizza

Vevay, Indiana: Roxano's Restaurant Breadsticks

Vevay, Indiana: Roxano's Restaurant Breadsticks

We started with their Garlic Buttered Breadsticks. It’s research don’t'cha know.

Roxano’s Restaurant had more than a few things to choose from. If I had been with a large crowd, I would have loved to have tried their giant party pizza–18″ x 18″ of the ‘za! How fun is that?

What did we order? Three words: Chicken Alfredo Pizza.

Pizza Heaven in Vevay

As little Indiana, I have had pizza and I have had pizza. This, my dear readers, is pizza with a capital “P.”

Granted, the Garlic Butter Breadsticks are drenched in the delicious garlicky butter sauce and, as we know, butter always makes it better.

But, even so, these are perfection. Soft and warm, the marinara sauce made a great complement. Kid #1 couldn’t get enough! Kid #2 didn’t exactly complain either.

Vevay, Indiana: Roxano's Restaurant Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Vevay, Indiana: Roxano's Restaurant Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Roxano’s Restaurant Rocks

The pizza was phenomenal. Perfectly topped with red onions, grilled chicken, mushrooms, and heavy on the cheese, this is a pizza I will not soon forget!

You’ll easily find this one in the downtown of this lovely Indiana town–just follow your nose! There’s more than pizza in this mom and pop restaurant. Why not see for yourself?

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Roxano’s Restaurant
211 Ferry Street
Vevay, Indiana 47043

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