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Vestige Assure Haul !

By Anamikadbn @Anamikadbn
Vestige Assure Haul !
I'm really excited about writing this post because I had this awesome beauty haul from Vestige Assure. I can't wait to share with you all.  
Products I bought :
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  1. Assure Hair Oil
  2. Assure Daily Care Shampoo
  3. Assure Deep Cleanse shampoo
  4. Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo
  5. Assure Purifying cleanser + Toner
  6. Assure Instant Glow Face pack
let's start with Hair care.

  • Assure Hair Oil (200 ml for Rs. 170) : This hair oil is enriched with a unique blend of Arnica and Tea Tree oil. Its special non-greasy formula prevents hair loss and helps control dandruff. I hope it will also provide nourishment to the hair from the roots to the tips. I expect this hair oil will improves my hair texture.
Vestige Assure Haul !
  • Assure Daily Care Shampoo (200 ml for Rs. 180) : This Daily Care Shampoo is enriched with avocado oil and rosemary extract which helps to manage moisture level without striping of its natural oils. It adds extra bounce to the hair leaving the hair glossy, smooth and healthy. Assure Daily Care Shampoo for all hair types.
  • Assure Deep Cleanse shampoo (200 ml for Rs. 180) : Deep Cleanse shampoo is mainly for oily hair. My hair type is dry but scalp is oily. I picked up this shampoo just  because of my oily scalp. The main ingredient of the shampoo is lemon which could be useful to reduce excess oil  and make the scalp healthy.
  • Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo (200 ml for Rs. 180) : Moisture Rich Shampoo is of my choice. This Moisture Rich Shampoo is specially formulated for dry and damaged hair which is enrich with green tea extract and milk protein. Product claims that hydrates dry hair and makes them soft and shiny. Green tea extract nourishes the hair and strengthens it from the root to tip.
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Vestige Assure Haul !Now moving on the face products. For the face, I bought two products.
  • Assure Purifying cleanser + Toner (200 ml for Rs.290): For an effective skincare routine Cleansing and Toning are most important steps. But sometimes I have to skipped one of the steps. The product attracted me because– Cleanser and Toner comes with a unique purifying formula which combines the benefits of deep cleansing and toning. I hope this herbal based Cleanser and Toner wipes away dirt, excess oil, sebum, make-up etc and  improves my skin elasticity without losing its moisture. This is suitable for all skin types.
  • Assure Instant Glow Face pack (60 g for Rs.160) : I always love to make homemade face pack. But now a days it is not possible for me because my baby is too small and all day I engageengage with him. So better option to go for a ready made face pack. I came to know from Vestige online portal that this Assure Natural Glow Face Pack is the market best ayur and herbal face pack available in India. So obviously without a second thought I picked it up. The product claims that an oil-free, skin-clearing mask for the prevention and treatment of acne, it helps to eliminate blemishes, reduces excess oil and provides a matt effect on surface shine.Natural sea-silt and oil-controlling extracts, antibacterial agents and salicylic acid deliver powerful astringent benefits while refining skin texture. I hope it will be also best product for my skin.
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Vestige Assure Haul !For the first time I've been using all the products. So, hope You enjoyed my Haul, and hopefully I'll be back soon with some more new stuff to show You!
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