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Venice - Campo San Polo

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
The Campo San Polo is the largest of all the city squares in Venice. It is a bright and vibrantly coloured campo with exciting and delicious eateries lining every corner.  Throughout our trip we did have a few rude waiters or restaurants in general that seemed completely disinterested in serving us. Now there is something to be said about taking your time and eating leisurely but when you can't even be shown a menu after sitting down for 20 and minutes giving the waiter your attention....there is something very wrong there.Cafe Although we felt defeated in getting up to leave, in true Venetian fashion a kind young waiter ran over to us and asked us if we were looking for lunch. We nodded yes and he seated us at a brightly color yellow table and placed down a small (small only in Canadian standards) jug of wine and presented us with two menu's. We quickly scanned for whatever pizza would the fastest to make and ordered it promptly from our kind water. Pizza, Venice The group of men beside us were not in such a rush. They were off on their lunch and had only stared to eat this first course of melon and thinly sliced Prosciutto ham. These men were dressed in construction type clothing and were freely enjoying their green salad that followed the fruits and meat. Their entree was a rich red pasta, shared between the three of them. And then they each had a huge grilled steak to finish off the meal. Italian's sure know how to eat. Sarah and I settled for out piazza's which were grilled perfectly and tasted of the salty air in my Prosciutto ham pizza. We sat and ate the pizza, relaxing all the while, enjoying watching a soccer game development out of nowhere in a small nook of the campo's area. Cafe After we finished and calmed down for our morning of disarray and being lost, we picked up our bags and suddenly found ourself atop on of the most famous bridge in Venice. There we stared out Grande Canal below us and in that one moment learned that Venice isn't a city you can make plans in, or find a map an stick to it. It is a city that guide you through it itself and leads you to the wonderful places where you will find exactly what you're looking for. Grand Canal

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