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Venice by Night

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
Grand Canal at Night In the evening, Sarah and I headed out to find a lovely little restaurant with a set three course menu so we could sample different food from the region. I got a lovely bruschetta and Sarah got an amazing carpaccio. For our main course I got a lovely Salmon and Sarah got fried seafood which featured many different seafoods from the shores right near by. All the food was served with a small salad with a simple olive oil dressing and Sarah's jaw dropped when she saw me salt my salad. I saw other people doing it too but she thought it was pretty weird. What can I say, I love my sodium. Once the sun set Sarah an I set out on an awe inspired trip down the Grand Canal in the evening. It was completely different seeing it in the dark. And this was a great thing to do at night since it was completely free and you really got to experience the city from another perspective. Grand Canal at Night
Here is the view of our Campo from the back at night. Grand Canal at Night
The beautiful Rialto Bridge was lit up and the lights from the neighbouring restaurants provided it a beautiful ambient light as well. Grand Canal at Night Venice is really good at lighting their city at night. The light on these monumental architectural masterpieces is incredible. Suddenly the clutter and clatter of the city is all push aside and you are left with a stark vision of the building. Every line and curve is emphasized here in the dark and it was a great and private way to see these buildings. Grand Canal at Night Pulling into the beautifully amber lit San Marco Piazza Grand Canal at Night  Staring out at San Giorgio Maggoire at night. It is a glowing island floating in a sea of black waters. Amazing. Standing here you can really see what an impact that facade makes with its four strong, three storey columns. DSC_0847  San Marco was the best thing we got to see at night. It was much quieter than it had been in the day and these huge street lamps with their Murano Pink Glass provided the most delicate light onto the Piazza. Don't miss this amazing time of day to experience Venice!

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