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Veinte Uno

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Today... is his 21st birthday. (He = Jorgie = my brother). Can you believe it?! My little brother can now legally gamble, buy, and consume alcohol. And soon, he'll have a brand new New York State driver's license to prove it. Watch out, 'merica :) but really, because he's smart, good looking, and a hell of a great time to be around. I cannot even express to you how old I feel proud I am.

veinte uno

{Tito: 1; Lala: 5}

veinte uno

{Danielle: 24; Jorge: 20}

On my 21st birthday, I took a tequila shot with my then-boyfriend, interned a full day at Modelenia, and dined with my family at a local farm-to-table restaurant, at which point my brother proclaimed he didn't like nor care to eat organic food. He'll probably spend his celebrating with friends at ASU. And yet, we're as alike as we are different. We share our dad's smile, our mom's sentimentality, an intellectual wit, and countless childhood memories. He might be more lighthearted and self-assured than I, but gosh, how I admire him for it. Bon anniversaire, Jorgito ! You deserve all the happiness in the world, today and always.

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