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Vegan Or Paleo? Which Diet is Best?

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

vegan vs paleo?

You just became a Brand New Vegan, and your friends are going Paleo.  You laugh at them, they laugh at you.  You both seem to be losing weight, but they get to eat all that yummy steak and bacon while you get to munch on a carrot stick.  What gives?

Which Diet is Best?

Actually if you compare the 2 diets to each other, there’s not really much difference.

Seriously.  We’ll compare in a minute.

But first compare EITHER of these diets to the Standard American Diet – you know the way you both USED to eat, junk food, fast food, chips, candy, etc….. and you’ll see a HUGE difference.  I believe that’s the real key.

First let’s compare the Paleos and Vegans:

  • Both Paleo and Vegan eat lots of Veggies, the more organic the better.
  • Nuts are good – (Vegans should limit them if they want to increase their weight loss)
  • Both sides eat fruits – again organic is better
  • Fast food is pure evil and just makes us fat
  • Milk is what a baby calf drinks, not humans.
  • Dairy products are full of fat and should be avoided like the plague
  • Whole unprocessed foods are what nature designed for us to eat
  • Highly processed foods are creations of large corporations and not real food

So you see, not that different are we?

Both Paleos and Vegans actually agree on many things!

Now let’s compare both the Paleos and the Vegans, who do not eat fast food or processed foods, to the average American on the street:

  • Every day 1 out of every 4 Americans will eat fast food.
  • 44% of Americans will eat fast food each and every week and 20% twice a week
  • Only 25% of Americans never eat fast food at all
  • Americans spend over $100 Million Dollars on fast food every year
  • Kids can recognize McDonald’s before they can even speak
  • Strawberry Milkshakes contain over 50 different chemicals
  • Hash browns have more fat and calories than a Big Mac Cheeseburger
  • French Fries are American’s favorite vegetable
  • 35.7% of Americans are obese

See the problem?

If we could just stop fighting with each other, and realize we believe in many of the same things, and start helping the other guy…..  we could reduce obesity in the United States overnight.

It’s the JUNK FOOD people!

Let’s start there.  

Instead of pushing this diet or that diet or my diet or your diet – let’s just get people to quit eating junk – period.  Eat real food.  As whole and unprocessed as we can get.

Before you even think about which diet is right for you –  Paleo, or Vegan or Raw Vegan or Dash or whatever.. 


  • Quit drinking soda pop – it’s nothing but sugar, and Diet Pop is worse
  • Quit drinking MILK – it’s made for baby calves – not us
  • Quit eating fast food – it’s nothing but empty calories and it makes you fat
  • Quit eating junk food – chips, cookies, doughnuts, hot pockets  -  it’s all fat
  • START eating real food – like nature intended
    • Vegetables – Raw or Cooked
    • Fruits
    • Starches – Potatoes, rice, whole grain pastas
    • Water – plain and simple.  Not processed ‘Smart’ Water – but water.

THIS is the right step in whatever direction you take.

No matter which diet you choose – these basic steps will be there staring at you in the face.

Get over the junk food! – and on to a healthy diet.

Good luck!

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