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Vanilla Yoghurt Cookie Truffles

By Olgalina

They are really tasty and so easy to make! You'll need just 5 ingredients! Great for when you're short on time and ingredients:)
This mild vanilla taste and creamy texture of truffle with crunchy nut in the middle makes them so good! I like to use dark chocolate, but feel free to use any of your choice. I imagine white chocolate would be nice as well, but I haven't found a good brand of white chocolate yet here, where I live. So if anyone gives white chocolate a try, let me know!
Vanilla Yoghurt Cookie Truffles/ Ванильный Трюфель с Орехом
200g petit beurre cookies
200ml drained thick yoghurt
vanilla (be generous)
150g powdered sugar
pinch of salt
whole hazelnuts
200g dark chocolate
Vanilla Yoghurt Cookie Truffles/ Ванильный Трюфель с ОрехомBlend cookies, add salt and yoghurt. Mix all together, you should get thick pasta like mixture, add powdered sugar and vanilla.
Scoop small amounts of dough  (I use melon ball scoop) and your wet hands to create neat balls. Insert whole hazelnut into each ball. Freeze on aluminum foil or parchment paper during 2-4 hours.
Melt chocolate and carefully drop balls one by one to cover them in chocolate. Freeze during 15 minutes once again. They can be eaten now! Store in the fridge.
Makes app.32.
Vanilla Yoghurt Cookie Truffles/ Ванильный Трюфель с Орехом

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