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Vancouverites Can’t Help Falling In Love With Butter Chicken

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken, also known as Chicken Makhani in some Indian restaurants, is a dish from the “land of spices” that has gained quite celebrity status among the food connoisseurs of Vancouver. While the general recipe of the delicacy is well-known, its actual flavor may vary from one Indian restaurant to another. Most people like to have this dish along with steamed rice or Naan. It is one of those popular delicacies you shouldn’t miss while in Canada.

Typically, butter chicken is prepared by browning boneless and skinless marinated chicken in a tandoor oven and then combining them with a rich sauce made from yoghurt & tomato. Just like plenty of other dishes, its ingredients are almost always adjusted by chefs in keeping with whatever’s available. The foremost adjustment made is the quantity of heat that the preparation would have from spices like chilli powder. However, chilli powder is not the only spice added and several others including curry leaf, bay leaf, cardamon, cinnamon, fenugreek, coriander, ginger and cloves also play a very important role in creating the signature spicy, creamy flavor of the dish.

Most Indian restaurants serving butter chicken follow a general rule of marinating the meat for at least 1 hour. The required marinade is often simply made with garlic, lime juice and other flavorings. At the time of preparation, sauteed onions may or may not be added prior to adding the tomatoes – it depends on the recipe being used by the chef. In what form the tomatoes are being used also plays a vital role in how the dish would ultimately taste. Though some cooks try to make it work with canned or pureed tomatoes, a good chef knows that preparing the best butter chicken that Vancouverites love always calls for nothing less than fresh tomatoes

As has been mentioned already, the sauce in which the boneless chicken pieces float are made from yoghurt and cashew paste or almond butter. While the former ingredient imparts a smooth and creamy texture, the latter helps in achieving the desired consistency. Once the dish is ready to be served, a small amount of melted butter is added on top of it.

Though some people complain that butter chicken contains a lot of calories, they often tend to overlook its nutritional value. One serving of Chicken Makhani can provide more than 50 percent of one’s regular protein needs. Besides that, the spices used in it are also capable of providing relief from flu & cold. Moreover, the delicacy is also rich in Vitamin B5 and B6, which can relieve stress and prevent heart diseases.

Vancouverites Can’t Help Falling In Love With Butter Chicken

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