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6 Vastu Tips to Follow in Your Workplace to Bring Prosperity

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

6 Vastu Tips to Follow in Your Workplace to Bring Prosperity

According to every renowned Vedic astrologer in India, a good Vastu-abiding office or workplace can bring immense growth and prosperity to work. Therefore, following effective Vastu tips indeed has immense importance when it comes to setting up the space of the office. Vastu for the workplace paves the way to overcome every hurdle or obstacle that comes to destroy the harmony in an office. Here are 6 effective Vastu tips commonly recommended by a renowned Vedic astrologer in India for an office or workplace -

  1. Proper Entrance: Ensure that the entrance to your workplace is in the North, East, or Northeast direction, as these are considered to be highly auspicious for a workplace. Avoid having the entrance in the South or Southwest. If possible, choose a workspace that has a clear view of the main entrance. However, this is believed to promote a positive vibe and energy in the office.
  2. Desk Placement: In your office, consider placing your desk in the South or West direction, facing North or East. This position is thought to promote concentration and creativity at work. Avoid placing your desk under overhead beams, as this is believed to create mental stress and work-related anxiety.
  3. Proper Selection of Colors: For your workplace, you need to choose calming and soothing colors, such as light blues, greens, or pastels. Avoid using dark and aggressive colors at your workplace. Adding a touch of yellow or gold to the décor is considered to be auspicious for prosperity and growth.
  4. Enough Lighting: Ensure your office or workplace has ample natural light. If natural light is limited, use bright, well-distributed artificial lighting to jazz up your workplace. It is also important to note that you must avoid harsh overhead lighting directly above your work desk.
  5. Furniture and Layout: Use ergonomic furniture that provides comfort and support while working. Uncomfortable seating is believed to obstruct productivity at your workplace. Always keep your office clutter-free and organized to promote positive energy flow. Position your furniture to allow for free movement and to avoid obstacles in your path.
  6. Plants and Decor: Did you know that placing indoor plants, especially money plants or lucky bamboo, in your office is an effective Vastu tip for your workplace? This is because these plants are believed to attract positive energy and prosperity to your office.

Do you want more tips to make your workplace Vastu-compliant? Visit the best Vedic astrologer in India and let every odd be in your favor whether it is your office or your personal life!

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