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Valentine's Day Linkup! Show The Love

By Koridonahue @blondeepisodes
Valentine's Day Linkup!  Show The Love
Valentine's Day is tomorrow and all the stores are full of red, pink, and hearts everywhere!  I thought it would be fun to do a linkup for this day of love.  I hope you can be a part of it.  How do you be a part of the linkup?  Well, the question is, WHO OR WHAT DO YOU LOVE, WHO LOVES YOU, OR WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO YOU?I can't wait to read all your posts and hopefully make some new blog friends along the way!  So, let's get on to it...
Valentine's Day Linkup!  Show The Love
WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO ME?Since I don't have a sweetheart at this moment, I've been thinking about this question a lot lately.  There are many people in my life who show me love.  My parents, brother, sister in law, friends, coworkers, etc.  I hope eventually I will find that special person to show me love as well.  With that being said, to me, love means:
1.  Being giving and selfless2.  Supporting someone even when they make poor decisions3.  Forgiving someone when they let you down4.  Being there for someone when they need you5.  Appreciating the person for who they are and loving them and their faults6.  Sharing your experiences with them to help them avoid painful mistakes7.  Cherishing the time you have with that person no matter how short or long8.  Standing up for that person and being loyal to them9.  Doing little things for the person to remind them you care10.  Telling someone you love themValentine's Day Linkup!  Show The LoveValentine's Day Linkup!  Show The LoveAll photos courtesy of PinterestValentine's Day Linkup!  Show The Love
So how do you link up?  Just follow the directions and add your info!1.  Post according to the question above2.  Add the button above to your post and link back to Blonde Episodes3.  Add you link to the linky4.  Leave a comment letting me know you were here5.  Visit other blogs on the link and make new friends
That's it!  Happy Valentine's Day all!

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