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The Perfect Face and Body

By Koridonahue @blondeepisodes

The Perfect Face and Body
Who has the perfect face?  The perfect body?  It's interesting to find what we think constitutes perfection from generation to generation.  It does change, but does it really all that much? I came across a recent study by MYA and thought they might be right on with their findings.  Do you agree or disagree?
According to a recent survey, it would appear that the public's perception of perfection has barely changed over the decades. With the hourglass, shapely woman and the muscular, V-shaped man revealed to be the most desired body shapes, even after all these years.
The surveyfrom MYA, which involved over 1,000 men and women, asked participants to choose their perfect and most desired body parts using different celebrities as examples. Despite the emergence of the 'supermodel' and the size-0 craze over the years, the findings revealed that the iconic 1950's Marilyn Monroe figured woman is still deemed to be the perfect body type, much to the relief of the increasingly curvy modern-day skinny woman. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are famous for their sexy curves and feminine form and, apparently, these have not gone unnoticed by the good people of the world. Kim Kardashian came out with the most favored overall body shape and Beyonce took the no.1 spot for her legs, abs and bum, all of which are voluptuous, shapely, and toned with not a size-0 in sight. When it comes to the female face, delicate, soft features were the most popular. It was Cheryl Cole's doe-eyes and glossy, long brown hair, teamed with Angelina Jolie's luscious lips and button nose that came together to create the 'perfect' face, according to the participants.The Perfect Face and BodyAnd it wasn't only the female form that came under scrutiny. The participants were also asked for their opinion on what constitutes the perfect male face and body. With David Beckham's overall body shape, bum and legs and Channing Tatum's Abs, it seems that the chiselled physique of original poster boy, Eugen Sandow, remains the most popular idea of perfection. The defined, V-Shaped body has been the envy of men and the desire of women since the Victorian times and it would appear that the only difference today is a few strategically placed tattoos.The Perfect Face and BodyBradley Cooper's pale blue eyes, Brad Pitt's enviable nose and pouting lips and David Beckham's famous head of hair would complete the perfect look for a man according to the survey.Although, it is somewhat surprising to find that this perception of the perfect face and body has barely faltered over the decades, it is undeniable that a classically curvy woman and a muscular man are likely to remain the desired body shapes and deemed 'perfect' for many more years to come.All photos courtesy of Pinterest

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