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Valentine's Day.

By Megthamama
On Saturday, my heart exploded while in the park with the 70 degree weather all while eating Chick-fil-A with H and feeding a squeezable to Jax.

If the stars could ever line up for me in both motherhood and being a wife, it did on Saturday.

The day started with everyone sleeping in.......then, this happened:

Valentine's Day.

Then, Jax gobbled down his 1st ever pancakes. That sweet boy ate pancakes by the fist full.

The thing about infertility is, it robs you from moments that your heart is ready for. For years, I have been ready for picnics in the park and heart shaped pancakes with a balloon attached to a highchair. And this year.......I soaked it in. And cried about it several times. I was THAT MOM that cried while swinging with their child. 
Valentine's Day.

Spending the day with my 2 men was the best ever. There were no over priced flowers, no cheesy cards or chocolates that I would end up throwing was just my little fam jam making the most of a great day. 

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day.

Sweet love, laughter and happy ever after.......this is what our Valentine's Day was about. 

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