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Vaillant Ecotec 630 Lockout with Error Message F28.

By Futli @futlim

The boiler was in Crundale Avenue , Kingsbury. System boiler wired up to heat the Megafloor cylinder & Central heating. The boiler was intermittently going to F28 lockout. Prior to the lockout, the boiler was displaying the activation of the pump and the gas valve. According to the manufacture the F 28 = Attempt to ignite during start failed. The fault can be = gas pressure, gas meter, air in gas, gas flow pressure too low, Fire protection tap has disengaged, faulty gas valve, wrong gas setting, igniter, ignition transformer, ignition cable, ignition plug, faulty earthing in appliance, ionisation current stopped, electronics defective. Where do you start? . Because there was no flame before the fault, I would like to know if there is gas first and then the gas valve. Remember this is no DIY work. Only registered gas engineers are allowed to do this kinda work. The faulty part was identified and the boiler was repaired the same day !
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