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Utilization of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses

By Luphil

Sunday, 20 August at 10:40 pm (CEST, Central European Daylight Saving Time, UT + 2) the phase of the 2nd Leo New Moon will start; the exact new moon time will be Monday, 08:30 pm CEST). Since the Sun is near the north node, which is moving through Leo, there is a solar eclipse at the same time, which will be seen in North and Central America and part of South America. The subtle effects of the eclipse will also be felt in other parts of the globe, although not so strong. During the eclipse time there is also a perfect trine between the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries, intensifying the energy. Such an eclipse in Leo only happens every 18.5 years and is a karmic cycle.

You find here an extract of the book of Sri K. Parvathi Kumar on “Sound – The Key and its Application” about the Utilization of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses”.
January 2010, there was a solar eclipse during the seminar in India, where he spoke in detail about the effect of an eclipse and the related preparation. Please Eclipses.

Utilization of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Photo by Gustavo Cattivelli, eclipse September 2007

An opportunity like a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse can be favourably utilized to get the seed sounds initiated in us. The Eclipse time is found favourable to stimulate the seed sounds in us. Also the New Moon time is very favourable for such activities, but the eclipse is a greater opportunity.

We must learn how to live with an eclipse. Because we are eclipsed we are not able to make use of the Eclipse happening in the system. We should make use of the eclipse happening in the system instead of getting eclipsed.

1) There are certain fundamentals relating to how to behave with an eclipse. This morning we have experienced an eclipse, and it was very deeply experienced. It requires a preparation.

You should get ready, purifying your body before the eclipse happens; that means, take a shower and keep the body pure, keep the mind calm and do not engage in speeches and maintain a quiet attitude and tranquillity as the hour of the eclipse approaches.

2) At the beginning of the eclipse you can start meditating upon sounds which are interior or a mantra given to you, or keep chanting OM inside in the Heart Centre.

3) You should not have a heavy Stomach when there is an eclipse; it will have an impact on your Solar Plexus.

4) You must make sure that the bowels are cleared and the stomach is not heavy with food. Then engage with the sound OM throughout the time of the eclipse.

5) Make sure that you don’t have any activity in the outer world during the time of the eclipse, so that you can tune up to it.

6) Till the eclipse is over do not think of any intake, do not think of any speeches, do not think of any actions. Make a total tuning up with the eclipse and practice the sound with which you are familiar.

You realize the best effects of the sound during that time. Same is the situation when we are entering into the New Moon, and same is the situation whenever we are ending up a cycle and beginning a new one. It can be a lunar cycle or a solar cycle. It can be the Full moon time, 11th ascending and descending moon phases, 8th ascending and descending moon phases, equinox days, solstices. All these days are propitious to practice sound. Likewise daily, the dawn, the dusk, the noon and the midnight hours are favourable times to practice sound. Initiates make good use of these aspects of time.

When initiates utter, they utter that which is to be. This is because they are responsible in their utterances. Because they are responsible they utter only that which is to be and by proper utterance only they always maintain the magnetism in them. They are fully aware that if they make an irresponsible utterance they get demagnetized. To them, utterance is much more valuable than the most valuable currency on the planet.

They do not care for the value of money, but they do at all times care for their utterance, because their utterance is capable of manifesting. They are able to bring things from the state of imperceptibility to the state of perceptibility through utterance.

We are also uttering from imperceptible to perceptible layers, but we are not responsible in uttering and hence our utterances may come true or may not come true. An utterance of an average human being creates more confusion than construction. An utterance of an overcritical person always creates negative manifestations.

K. Parvathi Kumar: “Sound – The Key and its Application“

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