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Using The Back Catalogue

By Sue15cat
Using The Back Catalogue The very first photo that appeared on this blog.
When I find a blog that really appeals to me, and I mean really appeals to me, I have been known to go right back to the beginning and read the whole back catalog.  I find it helps you to learn more about the writer and the reason behind the blog.  Sometimes it's much more interesting than a book, of course like a book there is also the bonus of being able to dip into it when you have time to spare and read forward a few posts (chapters) at a time.
There have been a few people reading their way through from when we originally began our change of lifestyle over the past few weeks, and I have been able to follow their progress on my Statistics page.  Congratulations to the two of you who have just arrived in the present day  :-)
I myself have just spent the last few days starting from scratch with one of the blogs on my sidebar .... and very good reading it was too.  The blog I am talking about is Remembering the Old Ways.  Michelle has a lovely way of living and I simply fell in love with her beautiful cottage.
I've been asked recently how do you get back to the beginning of someone's blog .... well it's really simple.  I'll use my blog as an example, some blogs differ slightly but most will have archives and be similar to use. 
Look for BLOG ARCHIVES on the sidebar.  
First you will see a list of years, go to the oldest (in my case it was 2009)  click on the dark arrow to the left of that year and a drop down list will appear showing the months.
Click on the arrow pointing to the oldest month and another drop down list will appear with the names of all the posts in that particular month.  
You start by going to the very oldest and click on that particular post.  Once you have read this  post at the very bottom, below the comments in my case,  it will say 'Newer Post'  clicking on this will take you to the next post in the sequence and so on and so on.
When I am reading my way through a blog from start to present day I keep a post-it  note in my diary and make a note of where I finish each reading session, so I can click back the next time I want to read on a bit further.  Be warned however ... this is very addictive .... as I have just found out with Michelle's lovely blog  ;-)
Sue xx

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