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Using Circles

Posted on the 27 July 2011 by Dynamicreality @Carl_ball

Using Circles
Here are some suggestions for how you can use Google+ circles to intelligently segment your posts.

+Family: Still looking for a better job. There just isn’t much out there at the moment. I’ll keep pounding the pavement weekends and evenings till I find something though. Sorry I can’t make it to the holiday thing this weekend, but finding a new job is important to me. Wish me luck! 
+Roommates: Let’s do another weekend Xbox 360 fest. That was fun last time!
+Hot Friends: I’m free Saturday night. Let’s go out!!!
+Friends -HotFriends: Can’t on Saturday… my boss is making me work late again. 
+Ex’s: OMG… my wealthy Aunt left me and my brother £10M, and I haven’t even seen him since I was like 5.
+Friends to Dump: Can’t believe how gassy I’ve been lately. Went to the doctor, he said it might be a permanent thing I’ll just have to deal with. 
+Stalkers: It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally moving to India to study meditation for a few years. I’ll miss all of you so much, but I’m going to a place where Internet access is limited, so I probably won’t be online much for a while. xoxoxox+Media: Looks like some silly prankster hacked into my account and posted fake sexy pics of me. I guess it happens when you’re changing the world. Let’s forget about it and move on to talking about real issues… like how we can keep spending money we don’t have, without it looking like we’re spending money we don’t have.
+Girlfriends: Dammit!!! Sent those pics to +Media instead of to you guys. I’m so dead.
+Wives: I know it’s hard on you, baby, but we’ll get through this. It will all blow over soon. You know you’re the only one for me xxx
+Public: We’ve had numerous complaints from privacy advocates about Google’s privacy practices, so we’re launching a panel to investigate them. If they don’t send someone to testify willingly, we’ll have to get a judgment.
+Wives +Girlfriends: Don’t worry baby… we’re gonna work Eric Schmidt over till he guarantees this sort of thing can never happen again.
+Wives: No idea why those people commenting on that last update are acting so familiar. I just sent it to you and my staff members.
+Facebook +Microsoft: Thanks again for the campaign contributions!

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