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Uses for Horsetail

By Ngscents @ngscents

horsetailUses for Horsetail

Have you ever used horsetail in any of your projects? This wonderful herb is one you should definitely take advantage of if you haven’t yet! While it is most well-known for its many medicinal purposes, there are so many other uses for horsetail in different products and industries! Horsetail can bring many skin care and hair care benefits when used in bath and body products, and it can even be used for culinary purposes! Did you know that the stems of the horsetail plant can even be used to shape the reeds of many instruments like the saxophone or clarinet?

Common bath and body products that can include horsetail are shampoos and conditioners, soaps, massage oils, lotions, bath bombs, creams, ointments, facial toners, bath teas, lip balms, aftershaves, scrubs, and natural nail care products. There are many wonderful hair care benefits to using horsetail. This great herb works to treat frizzy or dry hair, as well as helping to make the hair silky and soft. Horsetail even fights dandruff and split, promotes new hair growth, reduces hair loss, treats itchy scalp, and works to cure baldness! When used for skin care, horsetail helps to treat acne and the signs of aging, heals any cuts or wounds, treats any rashes that were caused from allergies, and works to tighten and tone the skin. Horsetail also helps to form new skin collagen and treat burns and skin lesions!

There are many amazing medicinal benefits to using horsetail. In South America, it is used to reduce any swelling from excess fluid retention and to treat kidney and bladder disorders as well as urinary tract infections. Some Indian tribes have used a drink made from horsetail to treat venereal diseases. For women, horsetail can help to treat any hormonal or metabolic edemas caused by menopause as well as working to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. Ancient Romans and Greeks even used horsetail to stop any bleeding and to heal any wounds or ulcers. They also used this herb as treatment for tuberculosis and kidney ailments. Horsetail can be used to treat a variety of other conditions as well including diarrhea, dysentery, fever, bronchitis, brittle fingernails, joint diseases, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, eyelid swelling, dyspepsia, cardiovascular diseases, malaria, muscle cramps, prostate problems, tumors, cysts, carbuncles, boils, herpes, hemorrhoids, gout, jaundice, hepatitis, incontinence, frost bite, ulcers, fistulas, prostate problems, and even chilblains and athlete’s foot.

Do you know how this plant actually ended up being called “horsetail?” It literally got its name because it literally resembles the tail of a horse! Are you still curious about this fantastic herb? Then make sure to check out our cut and sifted horsetail herb! While you’re there, don’t forget to check out all the rest of our free classes and recipes as well! Here at Nature’s Garden, we only sell horsetail for external purposes. We do not sell it as a food item or anything else. Please don’t take this blog as medical advice, it is for educational purposes only! Enjoy this great herb and keep watching for even more Enlightened by Layla!

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