Mike Bullock


I'm a Christian who goes to an Anglican church and have three grown up children and six grandchildren. I write Christian poetry.



  • Friend


    If you ever need a friend One who’s with you to the end Never ever lets you down Even though He wears a crown Loves to place you at the top You’re the finest... Read more

    Posted on 16 October 2013 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • I Am His

    and He is mine Need to form relationship Let Him in to guide my life So that I am in His grip I must learn to listen more Shunning all that is around Place Him... Read more

    Posted on 12 October 2013 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Ministry


    You say you want to serve The Lord You need a ministry Using gifts that you have got To set the captives free Find a role to suit your aims It all goes... Read more

    Posted on 08 October 2013 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Very like a vacuum cleaner Life can suck from time to time Walking through a shady forest Sunlight hidden from the grime Everything is going smoothly Things... Read more

    Posted on 05 October 2013 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Life


    as we know it can change in a flash Someone beloved has died in a crash Wasn’t prepared for the difference it makes Quite overwhelmed as emotion partakes... Read more

    Posted on 01 October 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Escalator


    Like an escalator Our lives are up and down One day we are full of fun The next we wear a frown We can let it take the strain Or walk against it’s flow Surely i... Read more

    Posted on 27 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Don’t Forget

    Don’t Forget

    , you must remember There is someone watching you Always ready with an answer When your life is in the glue He is waiting for permission Patiently He waits... Read more

    Posted on 23 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Cistern


    In my cistern, there I lay Living water drained away Open to the devils realm God no longer at my helm What a change in such a flash Covered in a nasty rash... Read more

    Posted on 19 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Hedgehog


    What is all spiky With shuffling feet Wanders your garden For something to eat Comes out at night With their needs to complete What can it possibly be. Read more

    Posted on 16 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • House


    The house is dark, the blinds are drawn There is no sign of life The days drag on their dreary way A place of fear and strife The joy of colour turned to grey... Read more

    Posted on 14 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Prisoners


    A royal priesthood trudging on To the place that has been kept If they stir, the demons poke The fears and bitterness not swept They were once alive for God... Read more

    Posted on 11 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Message


    I have a message for you            One that is sincere            If you want to grow in Me            Then I want you right here            Seeking out my... Read more

    Posted on 08 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • Superstition


    Good morning Mr Magpie Be careful of that cat I’ll try to miss that ladder out My horoscopes gone flat If I don’t dress a certain way Then all my luck runs out... Read more

    Posted on 04 September 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY
  • At Last


    there is a beam of light Coming from your being Years of wear and tear have brought The sight that you are seeing You’ve tried to keep the past contained... Read more

    Posted on 31 August 2013 CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY